"I had my hand on a metal baseball bat just in case," Nate told CNN's Brooke Baldwin. "'Cause I was gonna go down fighting if I was gonna go down."

'This #Murica sixth grader wanted to 'go down fighting' so he grabbed a bat during a school shooting'

#video Professor Patrick Bond's first point is important to remember, Assange is an Ecuadorian citizen and he was 'extradited' into British hands with zero due process. But if people don't care if this happening to a journalist/publisher, why would anyone also care about this? 😢​

Gabor Maté #Video '...along comes a Trump he's egregious he's a highly traumatized utterly self unrestrained troubled schoolyard bully and so it's offensive to the sensitivity the sensibilities of the liberal establishment does somebody like trump represent and yes when it comes to genuine policy there's no difference between these people it's just that the system wants people who can make it more palatable and Trump makes it very unpalatable and so Trump has woken us up but unfortunately a lot of the liberal outrage has been at Trump personally rather than at the policies and rather than at the system that he represents...'

Gabor Maté #Video '..I think the Vietnam War to the Iraq war many major movements in American history have been driven by lies. And, people being manipulated and the same newspapers that will eventually publish the Pentagon Papers and win awards for telling the truth will never apologize for having told the lies in the first place that later on they had to correct. and the newspapers that pushed their weapons of mass destruction narrative never apologized and said we were wrong we contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people they just carry on as if nothing happened and then the next item comes along they're still signed on to them to the elite narrative...'

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Slavoj Zizek — Eurocentrism & the European Legacy

#Video #ChaosComputerClub / Guy Standing speaks:
The Precariat: A Disruptive Class for Disruptive Times.
Why and How the Precariat will define the Global Transformation to save our planet.
'The combination of the ongoing technological revolution, globalisation and what are usually called 'neo-liberal' economic policies has generated a global system of rentier capitalism in which property rights have supplanted free market principles and in which a new global class structure has taken shape. The 20th century income distribution system has broken down irretrievably, and a new mass class, the precariat has been growing dramatically fast in every part of the world...'

2018 Word of the Year : Justice
Merriam-Webster Dictionary #Video says: 'How did we choose justice as our Word of the Year? Peter Sokolowski explains the data behind our decisions, and how this and the other Words of the Year reflect what was on people's minds this year.'

#WatchingNow #Video
Masterclass in Google Maps
'Learn how Google Maps and Earth images can compliment your social media posts or add a visual element to you print and online articles. We'll dive into storytelling with maps, showcase examples with StreetView images and point towards Storyspheres - where audio brings panoramic images to life. Organised and sponsored by Google.
Con: Matt Cooke (head of partnerships & training Google News Lab)Matt Cooke'

^^^ as Glenn Greenwald says in the above #podcast. we arrived at Trump via the Bushes and Reagan. and now that executive power is concentrated, today it is in the hands of a racist psychopath. It is only a matter of time that Trump attacks the United States in the way he is elsewhere. watch this #video...

Stefan Molyneux: The Plagiarist
'Stefan Molyneux is a cult figure and a white nationalist sympathizer who peddles what he claims to be unvarnished philosophical truths and self-help advice to his hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers. But there’s an apparent problem with his posturing as a philosopher king: He doesn’t seem to have many original thoughts...'

#Video #RightWingInternetMorons